tangentialism is David Yee!

I help make software things happen and facilitate the life of engineering teams—most recently and notably at the startups Editorially (CTO and Co-founder) and 20×200 (Chief Architect). I was once known for drawing amateurish pictures really quickly.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about A Pattern Language, by Christopher Alexander.

You'll need to know

I am @tangentialism on Twitter. I have a public key on Keybase. Though a lot of my code is private, I do have a Github profile.

Things I've written

The day we announced Editorially
“I was raised to be an editor, but I always wanted to be a writer.”
The day I left 20×200
“The culture of startups is overflowing with mythical personae of pirates and ninjas, but I’m not a pirate—I’m an evangelist and a plumber.”
A post about creative play and, in hindsight, the ephemerality of startups
“The craft of celebrating amateurism is one of the most fruitful community acts there is—in no small part because there are so many of us.”
Something I wrote about an early peer-to-peer music sharing site—still vastly better than today's services
“Entire catalogs of small labels and under-appreciated musicians were enshrined on Audio Galaxy, distributed to a new generation of listeners whose encyclopedic knowledge of 1960's African Funk could challenge Fela Kuti himself.”
Twenty internet things I like, in penitence for complaining
“Dark days come and go, but Friday should be sacrosanct.”

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